It’s that time again. The time when hundreds of thousands of writers take to their notebooks and computers in order to write 50,000 words in a month. It’s an honorable endeavor and while many people may not make it to the finish line, that doesn’t mean it has to be the end of the road. There are still 11 other months in the year. Still it is a fun way to encourage writers to make time to write and relieve them of the burden of editing in the process.

So, while I am not personally participating in NaNoWriMo, I would like to show my support to everyone who is by saying good luck. I can’t wait to read the hundreds of thousands of novels that will be born out of this, whether good or bad. Now I’m off to workout and maybe jot down my 1,666 words for the day. 🙂


First I would like to thank you guys for the warm welcome back and sympathy. It really means a lot. When I sat down to write the update I wasn’t sure what to expect, so it was a nice surprise to see the support.

Now to continue what I started who knows how long ago–The Thirty Day Song Challenge. The first post was my favorite song, Unchained Melody, today is my least favorite song. So drum roll—And the award goes to…

Now, it’s not like I hate the song completely, just this version. I’m actually quite fond of the original, which would probably account for my dislike of this version. So now I want to know, what is your, or your character’s least favorite song.

And now I’m off to find my pencil…I think I may have left it in the mud 😉


So I have been MIA for a little while and I apologize to everyone for my lateness in posting this update. To answer the most pressing question, I am still writing. I have set aside my first story for the moment to let it process and simmer and am half-way through another story I’ve started. Now for the missing person explanation. The short answer is there was an accident and I have been helping take care of my parents for the last several weeks. In between that, work, belly dance and the writing I’ve been trying to get in, my blog just kind of fell by the wayside. So hopefully, now, I will be updating regularly again and I will finish my thirty day song challenge. I’m going to get started on that so I’m ready for tomorrow’s post. Until then I will be dusting off my pencil. 🙂

So, since I don’t have regular access to a computer and all and my posts have become sporadic, I’ve decided to make light of the situation by taking on a 30 day song challenge. Each day I will be posting a different song that represents that question for that specific day. Please feel free to respond with your answers with links or comments in the comment section of my blog. This seems like an awesome way to really get to know each other.

On that note, the first question is What is your favorite song?

I have many favorite songs, so this question is almost  impossible  for me to answer, but nevertheless I did choose only one  of my many favorites. Of course it’s a classic. 🙂

Road Trip Wednesday

Todays question from the girls over at YA Highway is:

The house is on fire and you’ve only got time to grab five things. What are they?

I already know I’m going to embarrass myself on this one, so here it goes. The very first thing I would probably grab is my baby blanket. Yeah, I still have it. My Aunt on my Father’s side made it for my older sister, but I stole it. I mean, who else could say they took their first baby blanket from someone? The next thing I would probably grab is my box of scrap-booking stuff, along with my notebook that has all of my notes for all of my stories, including the first draft of my Azreal story. Don’t want to risk losing all of my hard work, especially now that my laptop is officially kaput. Now what else would I take? Probably my belly dancing stuff next, like my zills and costumes…or my zills and cane…most likely my zills and belly dance costumes because costumes are expensive. I don’t want to  start again from scratch. It was hard enough acquiring what I do have.

At least I know I’ll have an easier time getting out of a fire than my boyfriend. He’d be stuck trying to choose between his weapons and numerous gaming consoles, including his computer.

So what would you grab if your house was on fire?

So today I found out that my laptop is officially done. The mother-borg is apparently fried so the computer guy can’t do anything to save it. Biggest sad face ever. 😦 What does that mean? Well, everything from all my stories (including the one I’ve been working on for over a year) to all of my videos and pictures are on that computer. And, being the smart and perfect person I am, who does know better, but doesn’t always do what she should, didn’t have a back up…of any of it. So imagine the heart-sinking feeling that ensued once I heard the devastating news. All of my memories, all of my hard work just gone. I wanted to cry, but am too embarrassed to do that in front of a stranger…or anyone for that matter. Crying is more of a lone activity for me.

Anyway, the computer guy, probably sensing my forlorn, then announces that as long as the hard-drive isn’t fried too, he can save all of my data. So, if I’m lucky, I haven’t just lost over a year of my life, and I’ve learned a hard lesson. Now, I’m going to price flash-drives and invest in disks, because I decided I never want to go through something like this again.

Now, I’m off to find my pencil…literally. Everything has to be handwritten now, that is until I get another computer–and maybe even then. You know, just in case. 😉


Father’s Day

Just a quick shout out to all the Father’s out there on this very special day. Hope your day is filled with lots of love. 🙂

And to everyone else, please remember to let your father know how much you love and appreciate him (or whoever was the special person in you life that filled that role).

For fun I have come up with three words that describe my own Father:

Mellow, reliable, loyal

Note: My father’s nickname is mellow because relaxing is more of a feat for him than it is for most people, but my family wouldn’t have it any other way. 🙂

What three words best describe your own father? Let me know in the comments below.

Have a great day and hopefully I’ll have another post soon. 😉