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Okay, so I haven’t written anything for awhile and I said I wouldn’t until I took my certification test….but I can’t stay away from writing too long. 🙂 I even have the first chapter of my MS up and am thinking about revising. But we’ll just keep that little secret between you and me. Wink Wink.

What I want to discuss today are pick-up lines.  Weird topic, I know, but a fun one at least. Over my life, I’ve heard my share of pick-up lines.  Some simple and cliche “You’re beautiful” to the less appealing but interesting “Can you go across the street and buy me a lottery ticket? ‘Cause girl, you look lucky.” I’m sad to say the last one came from the security guard at the bank.  Talk about uncomfortable.  I’ve even had the experience of waiting to cross the parking lot when a car stops and the man driving leans out the window and says “Walk. Slowly.” Yeah, the epitome of class right there.

The most romantic “pick-up” line I’ve ever heard, which isn’t really a pick-up line since it came from an ex-boyfriend, was “At first glance you’re cute. But you become more beautiful with every look.”  I smiled for weeks after.

So why is this important and how does it relate to writing?  Each pick-up line gives the reader an idea about the person without having to mention anything else. Culture, views on women/men, personality etc. can be shown through something as innocuous as the way you’re characters pick-up their mates and their responses to being picked up.

I.E., the security guard at the bank made me feel awkward which was reflected in my nervous smile, knotted stomach and blushing cheeks.  I wasn’t prepared to be hit on at the bank. The man who stopped his car and commanded I walk slowly in front of him pissed me off.  I walked away rolling my eyes with my middle finger in the air.  And my boyfriend who told me I become more beautiful every time he looks at me caused me to smile shyly even though we had been dating over a year.

So now I want to know, how would you’re MC pick-up someone?  Would he/she use a sleezy line? Do they use over-confidence to hide their insecurity? Or are they a romantic at heart?

My MC would probably subtly stalk a girl for a few days, before deciding whether he truly interested or not. But when he did finally get the courage to speak to her, he would start with a question or comment on what she’s doing.  He is a romantic, but he’s also deeply guarded realist.  So he won’t try to be something he’s not.

So now that I’ve broken my now writing until after I get my certification, I’m off to dust off my pencil.  My MS is calling me from its minimized space on the screen. 🙂




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I’m sorry I’ve been such a bad blogger lately. 😦

I haven’t forgotten about you guys, I promise.  But I am sort of cheating on you.  I’ve stopped writing for the moment.  Not forever. But for the moment so I can study for my Primary Group Certification.  What’s that? It’s a certification through the AFAA that will allow me to instruct aerobic classes. Yay for me!

The test is on March 5, so I’m not setting aside my writing for too long, but it does mean I have less time.  I probably won’t be back on a regular blogging schedule until after April 9 because there is another certification I want to get.  So you’ll have to settle for light sprinkles from now til then instead of a steady pour.

Until then, I’m off to find my pencil.  Can’t get any studying done without it. ;p

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