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I’m sorry, there is no blog of the week this week.  Instead, after much thought, I’ve decided to hold a contest in honor of my hundred followers. Yes, most of them are on twitter. 🙂 The only thing is I’ve never held a contest before.  I’m a contest-holder-virgin. So, before I actually go through with it, I would like to hear what my humble followers have to say.

Would you like a new copy of the Duff? We’ll Always Have Summer?  Maybe you wouldn’t like a book at all, besides,  I don’t know how to go about getting signed copies or any of that…if you know feel free to let me know. Maybe you would like a doll of a dragon eating Rhinoceros, Idk, maybe my followers are crazy like that.

So let me know what you would like in the comments below, keeping in mind I’m poor. 🙂 And I’ll see if I can make it happen.  As for the rules of my contest, they’ll probably be like everyone else’s: Must be Subscribed to my blog (or twitter), blogging/tweeting about contest earns you extra points, etc..

So that’s all for today. I’ll let you know what I decide as soon as possible.  And thanks for subscribing and following, I heart you all. ;p



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As Monday begins to wind down, and I try to pound out as many words as I can, I thought it would be nice for everybody to stop what their doing for three minutes and laugh. 🙂


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Guess what? It’s a new blog of the week. You remember, that time when I pick a random blog I follow and love and write about it here. Then direct you all to go and immediately follow. 🙂

This blog of the week is long overdue, and not just because it’s been months since I’ve written one. No. This person has such an amazing blog that’s been on my list to highlight for so many months now I’m embarrassed I haven’t done it already.  Her blog is smart, funny, honest and informative, from her posts on navigating twitter to her priceless advice on plotting acts one through three. Not to mention she’s having an awesome 200 follower give-away. So who is this mystery blogger I haven’t revealed yet?

None other than Laura Pauling.

She’s sweet, loves MG and YA and is going to go far in her writing career. Overall, she’s awesome. So I suggest you go over and follow now because you know you want to be part of the awesomeness before everyone else knows about it. I mean how else do you gain bragging rights when she gets big?

Okay, so go check her out, but before you do, let me know of any great or fantastic writing blogs you’ve come across.

Now I’m off to hide my pencil. If I don’t, I won’t be able to find it later. ;p

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Wow! It feels like forever since I did one of these. This RTP, hosted by the ladies over at yahighway, asks us to:

Invent your own mythological creature!

My mythological creature has a silly name.  I call it a Water Woo, which fits its whimsical nature. Water Woos are frog-like creatures with human-like hands and hair. They live in large bodies of water, i.e. oceans and lakes and maintain an aristocratical form of government.   While they are silly and light-hearted, and somewhat mischievous, Water Woos possess great power and often mislead their opponents into underestimating them.

So that is my mythological creature. It would be more complete if I had actually created a myth to encompass them, but I have not done that yet. I guess it will have to wait for another day.

So tell me, what’s your mythological creature like?

Now it’s back to work until my next post. I hope everybody finds their pencil in meantime. Hopefully I will. ;p

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