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So I finally read the first book I bought over this last weekend entitled The Summer I Turned Pretty.  So what did I think of this teen filled drama/romance?  Well it reminded me of my senior year of High School, except a little less complex.  She had three boys, while I had four. 

The Summer I Turned Pretty focuses on a fifteen year old girl named Belly who navigates her way through the most confusing love filled summer of her life and the three boys at the center of it all.

Together they embark on an emotional roller-coaster of life and Belly is too distracted to realize everything may not be about her.

As far as Belly goes, I liked her okay.  She wasn’t as whiny as some female characters, but there were parts that really grated on my nerves.  Overall, I decided she was like that girl in school who was okay to hang out with sometimes, but I wouldn’t want to bffs.

Jeremiah is my favorite character and was throughout the entire book.  I loved the strong sense of dependibility underneath his class-clown exterior.  He was charming and is secretly the guy I’m rooting for.

Conrad, I have to admit, is the one I would have probably gone for when I was sixteen.  Boys who played guitar and kept to themselves had a way of drawing me in that makes me cringe.

And Cam.  Cameron is the guy I would love to find now.  Funny, smart, sweet and a nerd right down to his jacket.  There is something to be said for the first guy to ever really tell a girl she is beautiful and he is the guy I hate to not like.

The aspect I loved most about this book, was the unfinished feeling that lingered after it had ended.  It wasn’t that the book didn’t feel complete, it’s just the relationships made their way full circle and then life happened, causing relationships to crumble under the weight and others to begin to bloom, but none of them disappearing or building beyond the most fragile moments before the summer ends and she is swept back to her winter life.

All in all I liked the book and found it to be a relaxing read.  It may not be Shakespeare, but it was fun to be fifteen again, if only for a little while.


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