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Today’s Road Trip Thursday writing question from YA Highway is…what is you favorite book you’ve read this month?

Okay, so I haven’t read that many books this month and since I already reviewed the only novel I’ve completed this month so far, I’m going to pick a children’s story in honor of my niece who turned three two days ago. 

For her birthday I have her one of my favorite stories growing up.  Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess.  It is one of the best children’s stories and my niece, who normally wanders away about halfway through a book, sat and listened to the whole thing.  All the while telling me she like eggs and ham, lol.  And when I finished she asked me to read it to her again.

So my favorite story I’ve read this month definitely Green Eggs and Hams.

What is you favorite story you’ve read this month?  Leave a comment and let me know why I scrounge around for my pencil, I’ve seemed to misplaced it again.


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