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I love the name of my blog.  I don’t like many things that I do or say, but I love the name of my blog.  It expresses so much about me and who I am as a writer in few words.  The best part is the meaning of those words can change just by the way a person reads them.

I can read it as a simple question: Where’s my Pencil?  And the image in my head is one of a young woman working at her desk and she happens to look up to find her pencil has gone missing.  Then she goes back in time examining every action until she pinpoints the exact moment she misplaced it and smiles when she finds it right where she left it.

I can read it fast:  Where’s my Pencil?  And the image changes to a young woman who needs to find her pencil right then and there before she forgets the important string of thoughts bouncing around in her head.  Her hair is a little more disheveled in this picture and her overall demeanor a little more frantic, while all sense of logic and reason have been thrown out the window.

I can also read it in a musing tone:  Where is my Pencil?  I can see the young woman looking up from her writing with a pensive expression patting down her pant’s pockets and hair (which is my favorite place to stick my pencils) then rubbing her head wondering out loud where she placed it.

One sentence and I get all of this.  All three of these scenarios describes me when I write: the questioner, the person who simply asks why.  The frantic obsessive compulsive who has to write it now.  And the Muser who allows petty thoughts to distract her from the task at hand and then ponders on them for a minute or two.

Yep, I’m all of these things and my writing is no different.  Connotation and denotation play a significant role in the way I choose my words.  I want them to express what I want to say in my story as accurately as my blog title expresses who I am.  It’s not just about getting words onto a page.  It’s about getting the right words and I will find the right words no matter what mood I’m in when I grab for my pencil.  I just have different methods of getting there on different days.

So what about you?  Are you consistent?  Or are you a wondering, obsessive compulsive, answer finding writer too?  

I think a new thought has just popped into my head.  Excuse me while I mull this over.  Oh, and on more thing…where is my pencil?


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