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In honor of the first Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premier, I give you the trailer.


And in the spirit of HP, I would like to know, who is your favorite HP character?  Why?  And which book was your favorite.

I’ll start….. this is hard since I loved so many, but in the end I think my fave HP character is Sirius; although Lupin, Snape, Dumbledore and Fred and George come in a very close second.

Why did I love Sirius? I think it’s because I loved what he represented to Harry.  He was Harry’s way out from the Dursley’s, the closest thing he would ever have to his parents and Sirius wanted to love Harry and give him a home.  He was Harry’s hope.  And it’s funny to think about now considering I came from a two parent home and was the middle of eight children, but I wished Sirius would come save me too.  He represented that wish I think every child has on some level, so he had to die, because at some point, as adults, we have to let go of that.

I also think he had the most tragic life, living in Azkaban for over eleven years for a crime he didn’t commit, becoming a fugitive and even your closest friend doubts your innocence.

Which answers the next question, if you haven’t guessed by now, my fave book of the series was Prisoner of Azkaban.  Not that I didn’t love the others, but this book, when I read it at the time, was amazing, from the parallels of Buckbeak to Sirius, to Hermoine’s time travel, and Sirius’ and Buckbeaks eventual escape, not to mention Professor Lupin and the Boggart and Harry and his Patronus.  I could go on, but I would love to hear you responses.

Hmmm, perhaps my patronus has captured my pencil…oh what if my patronus was my pencil! ;p Mind boggling I know.

Don’t forget to leave me your answers in the comments and if you have a short story or poem you would like to share contact me at ejeglin@yahoo.com.


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So, if you’ve been following my blog, you know I’ve been requesting people to submit their short stories or poems to share with my little community.  So, while some of you (Herby, I’m looking at you) finish your WIP’s I thought I would get it started with one of my own poems I wrote the beginning of this year.  Some of you may have read it before, my apologies if you have, and all I ask is that you humor me.

Alright, so here it is.

The Crash

Comforting platitudes mean nothing at all;
When I look at your face and see the fall.
Memories you can’t recall remain unseen;
As you stare at pictures that hold no meaning.
The tears I’ve cried you will never see;
Nor the battles I’ve fought, just so I could hear you breathe.
Tonight as I stare in wonder at all that is left;
I’m secretly grateful you were the one whose life was spared by death;
For I never would have made it through that day;
If your body was the one I saw buried in an eternal grave.
And although the journey will be hard and painful;
One day I will have my friend back;
And on that day I will be thankful.


Leave your comments below and if you’re interested in submitting a short story or poem to be posted on my blog please contact me at ejeglin(at)yahoo(dot)com.  I really think this could be fun and it’s a nice way to get creative juices flowing.

Now, that I’m done embarrassing myself, I’m going to look for my pencil. Maybe there’s still hope for my WIP.

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