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It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for another Road Trip Wednesday hosted by the girls over at YA Highway. This weeks topic is:

Compare your first kiss with your favorite characters first kiss?

Okay, so since my fave character is Eeyore (which, btw, if you have any extra Eeyore related paraphernalia feel free to send it my way ūüėȬ† ) I’m just going to compare my first kiss with Ron and Hermoine. Ron and Hermoine’s first kiss had everything I imagined would be mine. It was filled with genuine feelings that had been built up through the years (each book) and was very sweet. Pretty much it was what I had imagined a first kiss should be.

Now, let’s rewind to my first kiss. I was a shy fourteen-year-old freshman who had been dating her first boyfriend for about a month.¬† I had never kissed anyone before and I was terrified at the idea, especially since I had built up what a first kiss should be over the years. Now, my then boyfriend really did try. And, if I wasn’t well me, it probably would have been the perfect first kiss, but unfortunately I am me.

The mood was set perfectly, it was Homecoming, my dress was beautiful and we had fun dancing in the gym. Toward the middle of the evening, we went for a walk outside so we could be alone. We found a bench and looked at the stars together and then…then he kissed me and I said “Ewww.” Not exactly the warm bubbly feeling I had when Ron and Hermoine smooched. My boyfriend was obviously hurt, but for some strange reason didn’t break up with me. To this day I think I’m the only girl who has ever said “Ewww” during her first kiss.

What was your first kiss like? let me know in the comments below and I’ll be back with news on my 100 followers contest, which I haven’t forgotten about, once I find my pencil. It’s been a little MIA on me since I’ve been searching for a new job. Good news though I think I’ve found one. ūüôā Hope you all have a great day and get your pencil’s moving.


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It’s another Road Trip Wednesday hosted by the ladies over at YA Highway. Todays’ question is:

If you could live within the universe of one book, which would you choose?

Can someone say Harry Potter?¬† I know, me and millions of other people.¬† But I chose to be honest, and I’ve wanted to join this universe since I was twelve and not just for the magic, but for the characters and the world.¬† How cool would it have been to hang out with the Weasley twins, or to fly a broom stick? I’m afraid of heights so the broom stick flying probably wouldn’t have gone over so well for me, but still F*ckin awesome. See it was so awesome an expletive was the only way to explain the awesomeness.¬† That’s how you know it’s awesome.¬† And I already know Professor Lupin so would have been my teacher crush. (Yes I had those.¬† One on my English teacher and the other on my math. Did I mention I was a nerd in high school?)

Anyway, that is the world I would choose.¬† Now if we were including manga, which is just as awesome, my answer may be different.¬† I just may have to step into Naruto’s world.¬† I mean I do like to kick some A** every now and again. That’s why my b/f is a MMA fighter, so he can handle my resengan when I throw down.¬† Yeah that’s right, I can form swirling balls of massive energy just with my hands. Are you scared now?

And now that I’ve exposed entirely too much of myself, I’m going to go find my pencil, while you tell me which universe you’d choose in the comments below.

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In honor of the first Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premier, I give you the trailer.


And in the spirit of HP, I would like to know, who is your favorite HP character?  Why?  And which book was your favorite.

I’ll start….. this is hard since I loved so many, but in the end I think my fave HP character is Sirius; although Lupin, Snape, Dumbledore and Fred and George come in a very close second.

Why did I love Sirius? I think it’s because I loved what he represented to Harry.¬† He was Harry’s way out from the Dursley’s, the closest thing he would ever have to his parents and¬†Sirius wanted to love Harry and give him a home.¬† He was Harry’s hope.¬† And it’s funny to think about now considering I came from a two parent home and was the middle of eight children, but I wished Sirius would come save me too.¬† He represented that wish I think every child has on some level, so he had to die, because at some point, as adults, we have to let go of that.

I also think he had the most tragic life, living in Azkaban for over eleven years for a crime he didn’t commit, becoming a fugitive and even your closest friend doubts your innocence.

Which answers the next question, if you haven’t guessed by now, my fave book of the series was Prisoner of Azkaban.¬† Not that I didn’t love the others, but this book, when I read it at the time, was amazing, from the parallels of Buckbeak¬†to Sirius, to Hermoine’s¬†time travel, and Sirius’ and Buckbeaks¬†eventual escape, not to mention Professor Lupin and the Boggart¬†and Harry and his Patronus.¬† I could go on, but I would love to hear you responses.

Hmmm, perhaps my patronus¬†has captured my pencil…oh what if my patronus was my pencil! ;p Mind boggling I know.

Don’t forget to leave me your answers in the comments and if you have a short story or poem you would like to share contact me at ejeglin@yahoo.com.

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It’s Thursday, yay, and that means at midnight hundreds of people will be smashing into theaters to watch the Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows premiere, unfortunately I won’t be one of them. But, I do get to name the blog of the week for this week and the winner is:

Jami Gold

First off, I want to say Jami is one of the best people to follow on twitter, so if you’re not following her do it.¬† She’s very friendly and one of the most supportive people I’ve come across.

I actually had planned on naming her blog last week to go along with the end of her “How to Create a Strong Character” series, but I didn’t, so now I, even though it has ended, I encourage you to go over to her blog and read up on her ways to create a three-dimensional MC.¬† These posts went far beyond the standard give your Main Character flaws advice we run into over and over.¬† No, she really digs into what makes a person and encourages readers to use techniques such as masks, contrasting and goals to really let readers know who your MC.

Her blog is very insightful and if you have any questions all you have to do is ask.  Jami is more than willing to offer support to others and as both an insightful writer and friendly person I recommend this blog to everybody.

For those of you who are going to see HP tonight have fun and I’m so not jealous.¬† It gives me more time to look for my pencil.

Also, if you have short story or poem you would like to share, I’d be happy to post it on my blog, just contact me at ejeglin@yahoo.com.

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It’s Thursday, which means one more day until the weekend! Yippee! And it’s time for the blog of the week.

And the blog this week is….

Nathan Bransford

To be honest, I actually had another blog lined up for this week, but then this week started and Nathan blew me out of the water by declaring this week  Harry Potter week in honor of the Seventh movie release.  So what does this mean, it means that all week Nathan is discussing what we can learn from JK Rowling as an author.  Which book is the best and why.  And how exactly JK got it right.

Nathan’s blog has other wonderful things to offer, like the 250 word critiques he posts on his blog for his readers every week, and an entire series of blogs dedicated to querying,¬† but he was an agent up until a few days ago, so I wasn’t really considering him for blog of the week.¬† At least not yet.¬† But if you know me, you know I’m a sucker for Harry Potter. Really Ron, Fred, George, Sirius and Lupin, but whose keeping track? And it would have¬† caused a spiritual dilemma within my psyche to deprive my readers the chance to join in on a JK Rowling/HP discussion.¬† So please go and check out his blog by clicking here.

And I’m off to find my pencil.

Just a reminder, I am accepting short story submissions and poems to post on my blog, so if you have a short story or poem you would like to share e-mail me at ejeglin(at)yahoo(dot)com.

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A few days ago I came across a post asking the question “What is it with people and vampires?¬† Is it because of the Twilight series?”.¬† Since the vampire series made it big I have seen an influx of new stories where vampires are the central characters or theme.¬† Even I have started a book where vampires play a role.¬† I even put the first half of the first chapter up for review and have had a few people¬†tell me¬†they are all vampired¬†out.¬† So what should I do?¬† Should I cut out the vampire?¬† I struggle with this because the vampire is so identifiable and, at least in my mind, the opposite of,¬†or more sinister¬†counterpart,¬†of an Angel which my story also contains.¬† Perhaps I’ll wait then for the genre to cool down, but as a whole, my story contains many creatures.¬† Some I have pulled from mythology and others have come straight from my own mind.¬†¬†Neither is easy to write about and rules have to be made and applied.¬† So tell me.¬† Is it better to make up your own creatures?¬† Are people who use the familiar only being lazy?¬†¬†Personally I don’t think¬†one is necessarily better than the¬†other, but this is where the line of thinking in the discussion went.¬† The person who asked about the ‘sudden explosion of vampires’ in literature today then proceeded to claim that authors who use the familiar are lazy and unoriginal.¬† The example used to back up the argument was Harry¬†Potter, which intrigued me on many levels to say the least.¬† Still, I stopped and¬†wondered about my own work.¬† Was I using the familiar to get away from truly producing something fresh and original?¬† Was I holding onto my vampire because it saved me from forming another creature that¬†wasn’t as¬†clear in my head?¬† I thought about this long and hard and in the end¬†I found my answer.¬†¬†

First, neither one is better.¬†¬†Just because I completely made up a new creature does not mean it’s better than the creatures¬†that are already more well known.¬†

Second, It does not make me a better writer.¬† In fact it could make my writing worse.¬† For every new creation the writer has to stop and explain what the thing looks like.¬†¬†¬†It’s characteristics and it’s abilities all need to be addressed.¬† This can really slow down a piece.¬† If every fantasy novel had to introduce every creature in¬†meticulous detail it would bore the reader.¬† And in the end, the reader may not have a grasp of¬†what the creature really looks like or is.

Third,¬†the writer needs to understand their own story.¬†¬†I’m writing a story about two immortals who fall love, but I have many underlying themes and subplots.¬† One of them has to do with what a vampire and an angel symbolize in our culture.¬† I could form my own creatures and give them the¬†traits I want to¬†bring out in my characters, but would the symbolism and message be as strong?¬†¬†¬†¬†¬†

Of course making up your own creatures has its advantages.  The author can create anything, the only limit is their own imagination and from this many story ideas can emerge.  The author just needs to remember what story they are telling and decided for themselves if an original creature is best or one that has been used many times.

Ultimately¬†J.K. Rowling mixed the familiar with the unfamiliar well.¬† Harry, the dragons and goblins gave the reader something to grab and hold onto when she introduced other things like the boggart¬†and the skrewt.¬† But either way, in the end what matters isn’t whether the creatures themselves were original or even the themes.¬† What matters is the originality of the story itself and what the reader can pull from it.¬† Every author¬†has a unique outlook on life,¬†even if¬†some of their views overlap it doesn’t mean they are any less of an individual.¬† The same is true for creatures.¬† I can make them up or research them.¬† In the end if the story I tell isn’t my own then I have failed.¬† Just because I made up a whole new cast of characters doesn’t mean I can retell Harry Potter.

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