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Sorry I’ve been missing in action, but in early December I lost my internet for two weeks and when I finally got a new router my computer went down. So I’m still waiting on my computer to be fixed, but I wanted to let you know I didn’t quite blogging completely. When my computer is fixed I’ll be back to my regular schedule.

And a special apology to Kristen Lamb, I was to send interview questions to her, but my router quit on me before I could get them to her. So I’m sorry and when I get everything fixed maybe we could try again.


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Today is Thursday, which means it’s time to name the blog of the week.  Oooh I have chills.  Can you feel them?

So the blog I’ve chosen this week……

Kristen Lamb’s Blog

I love her blog because she doesn’t just write about, well, writing.  She touches on topics many of us, especially new writers, barely give a second thought to while we painstakingly draft our first, second, third….novels; marketing and social networking.

She provides insightful advice to writers about, not just the importance of building a platform, but how to build a platform.  She also talks about the right and wrong way to market oneself.  All those comments you’ve left, you know the ones that say exactly the same thing, well, those are spam and people don’t like it.

Her blog teaches the importance of putting the work in to connect with the writer community in order to show people who we are.  People don’t care about you if you don’t care about them.

And, on top of all her wonderful advice on marketing and connecting to and with your peers and potential readers, she also has invaluable posts on the craft itself.  She discusses everything from the importance of setting, to reusing unwanted work on your blog.

Of course her blog wouldn’t be complete if she didn’t give at least one shout out to her book We Are Not Alone–The Writer’s Guide To Social Media. But don’t be too discouraged, you don’t have to buy the book in order to read her blog and learn from her wisdom and experience.  Although I daresay buying it would be worth the investment.

Overall her site is just a fantastic place to really learn and gain an overall idea of what it takes to not only write, but find a place in the over saturated internet.  So go check out her sight and let me know what you think.

Don’t forget, if you find a fantabulous blog you just have to share with the rest of us, just drop me a line and I’ll check it out.  I’m always looking for new finds.  Also, my interview with Natalie Whipple of Between Fact and Fiction will be up tomorrow, so look out for that.  Until then, I hope everybody has a great day/evening/week, and in the mean time, I’m off to find my pencil.  Which Herby claims is still hanging around the Wallabies behind his house.  If you find it Herby please send it to me.  I’m desperately lost without it. ;p

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