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This is my first roadtrip Thursday post, where YA Highway asks the question and I answer it.  Today’s question is what is your favorite reading memory?  Hmm….

Okay, so my favorite reading memory is lying in my bed and listening to my older sister read James and the Giant Peach. 

Now an even better question is, why is this my favorite reading memory?

When I was younger I shared my room not just with my older sister, but also with my younger sister and brother.  We would all cuddle into our beds and listen to our “OS”  while images of James inside the Giant Peach bounced around in our heads.  When our sister was finished we would talk about what happened and what we thought would come next.  Sharing the experience with siblings somehow made the story that much more magical and allowed us to connect on another level besides, “Mom so and so hit me again.” Which was probably a relief to my overwhelmed mother.

Since my then I have read Harry Potter to every single one of my younger brothers and sisters, as well as many nursery rhyme books.  I continue the tradition today with my niece and nephew and hope that one day Stinkypants will read to her little brother too.

So what about you?  Do you have a favorite reading memory?  If so what is it?

Now I’m off to find my pencil.  I seemed to have missplaced the darned thing again.


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