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Okay, so I know today is normally Road Trip Thursday, but really it should be Wednesday, so I’m fixing that now and making Blog of the Week my new post theme for Thursdays.  Oh, and I should have started with this, I’m back.  And thank you to everyone for your concern and for reading my short story over at Glass Cases.  It means a lot and it was nice to know people care.

Anyway my blog of the week for this week is….Between Fact and Fiction.

Three reasons why I love this blog:

First, I love Natalie Whipple’s design, it’s so awesome.  Before you read anything about her you have an idea of what genre she writes for. And who doesn’t love large-blue (my fave color) block letters surrounded by childhood doodles?  If you don’t, you’re reading the wrong blog.

Second she has an agent, Mr. Nathan Bransford (I’m so jealous), and blogs about her journey through the agented world of writing as well as being the founder of the Happy Writer’s Society, whose goal is to rekindle the joy of writing in writers who have lost it.

Last, she’s real.  I love writers who are down to earth and include little humorous tid-bits about their day. Especially embarrassing ones or ones that don’t put the author in a particularly good light.  These are the things that help us connect with each other and why I love Natalie’s blog.  In fact, her latest post reveals just how juvenile she really is when she makes a flatulence joke.

So click the link.  Check out Between Fact and Fiction and make mistakes so you can blog about them later.  If they’re embarrassing enough, I just might feature you in my next post for Blog of the Week.

Until then, goodbye.  My pencil seems to have accumulated a pile of dust since I’ve been here last and is in dire need of cleaning.

Oh, if you follow, write, or come across a great or well written blog, I would love to hear about it.  Just leave link in the comments and I’ll be sure to check it out.  Who knows, maybe they’ll be in the next installment of Blog of the Week! ;p


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I’m sorry, but this Thursday I do not have a Road Trip Thursday for you; although the people at YA Highway do.

Since I don’t know any other way to say this, I’ll just say it, My Grandmother is in the hospital and it doesn’t look good. I’m guessing she will pass sometime over the next few days.
So I’m going down to the hospital.

Hopefully I will be back soon, especially because I’m super-excited to introduce a new segment entitled blog of the week.

So please don’t get too discouraged if I disappear over the next week or two, I promise I’ll be back. I love all my writerly friends too much not too. And so you’ll know when I return, just go to the side bar and subscribe to my blog.

Love you guys and hope this finds you well. Today I have my pencil tightly in hand.

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