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So a little over a week ago I attended the “Cairo Caravan,” an annual belly dancing event that takes place on the Queen Mary. Belly dancers (beginners to professionals) come from all over the world to attend this three day event. It’s really a fabulous experience to watch how many different ways people express themselves through the art of belly dance and it’s even more exciting to feel the support even the least experienced receives. Vendors also litter the place, along with drummers. After we performed my sister and I joined a drum circle that had gathered outside for an impromptu dance. Anyway, it was an exciting day and I thought I’d share the youtube video that was posted of our tribal troupe. 🙂


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Since it’s Thursday I would normally blog about the blog of the week, but seeing as I haven’t been very active reading any lately,  I know terrible me, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to watch something fun. Sometimes we writers take writing a bit too seriously and forget to enjoy ourselves.

The beautiful young lady in the front wearing yellow is my little sister and I’m the one in the back line wearing black and red making all the mistakes, lol. 🙂

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