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It’s finally Friday!  I’m so excited.  That means once again I get to devote two days to my favorite hobby in the world, working on my almost completed first draft.  Seven more chapters and it will be done.  I can already see myself typing the last few words and it feels great, so I know when it happens in my real life that it will be even more exciting.

And what’s even better, somehow there’s absolutely nothing happening this weekend.  I don’t know how that happened, but I’m thankful to finally have an event free weekend.  When you come from a large family, there’s always something going on. 

So here’s to a productive weekend, I hope all of yours will be as satisfying as mine promises to be. 

Also, I read the funniest list called “The Fantasy Writer’s Exam,” courtesy of Cassandra Jade, so I encourage you to go her blog, read the list and join in the conversation.  It’s at least worth a laugh or two, even if you don’t write/read the genre.

So until tomorrow, I’ll be searching for my pencil and I hope you find yours.


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