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Lazy Monday

My weekend was busy. I had my niece’s third birthday party to attend, was called into work on my day off and spent time with my Sister R and Little Brother M. While I did manage to squeeze in over three thousand words, it was far short of my weekend goal to finish two chapters and now it is Monday all over again.

Monday is the day I dread the most for when it comes, I know my extra free time for writing has come to a close and I will be hard pressed to find time to write five hundred words let alone a thousand. It means I must put my work on hold just that many days longer, which is hard to tell my fingers, since this is about they time the burn with the most passion.

Oh well, even if I must write as slow as a snail as I navigate through another week of work, belly dancing and singing lessons, not to mention working out, the little I get done will be worth it when the weekend finally comes around again and I can sprint toward the finish line once more.

How do you keep the motivation to keep going when your life gets a little to hectic and finding time to write is just as likely as finding a nice place to nap?

Let me know while I sort through the papers on my desk. I know my pencil is here somewhere…


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