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It’s finally Friday!  I’m so excited.  That means once again I get to devote two days to my favorite hobby in the world, working on my almost completed first draft.  Seven more chapters and it will be done.  I can already see myself typing the last few words and it feels great, so I know when it happens in my real life that it will be even more exciting.

And what’s even better, somehow there’s absolutely nothing happening this weekend.  I don’t know how that happened, but I’m thankful to finally have an event free weekend.  When you come from a large family, there’s always something going on. 

So here’s to a productive weekend, I hope all of yours will be as satisfying as mine promises to be. 

Also, I read the funniest list called “The Fantasy Writer’s Exam,” courtesy of Cassandra Jade, so I encourage you to go her blog, read the list and join in the conversation.  It’s at least worth a laugh or two, even if you don’t write/read the genre.

So until tomorrow, I’ll be searching for my pencil and I hope you find yours.


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Today’s Road Trip Thursday writing question from YA Highway is…what is you favorite book you’ve read this month?

Okay, so I haven’t read that many books this month and since I already reviewed the only novel I’ve completed this month so far, I’m going to pick a children’s story in honor of my niece who turned three two days ago. 

For her birthday I have her one of my favorite stories growing up.  Green Eggs and Ham by Dr. Suess.  It is one of the best children’s stories and my niece, who normally wanders away about halfway through a book, sat and listened to the whole thing.  All the while telling me she like eggs and ham, lol.  And when I finished she asked me to read it to her again.

So my favorite story I’ve read this month definitely Green Eggs and Hams.

What is you favorite story you’ve read this month?  Leave a comment and let me know why I scrounge around for my pencil, I’ve seemed to misplaced it again.

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Okay, so today I read a blog that made me realize that many writers have a very elitist attitude and there are no exceptions, even when it comes to best selling authors who stay on top.  Like many elitist writers, I too have an author who I still don’t understand why her books are so big, but I have also come to realize that the reason I despise her books so much is because the comments she has made toward her own fans made me dislike her as a person.  So personal feelings aside, I am determined to look at her books with the most unbiased eye I can in order to see what makes her novel so unique. 

Now some people may say marketing, that’s all it is, she had great marketing, but I don’t believe that’s so since she has more than one book out and fans have returned to buy them, so marketing may be so for the first, but not so much for the next. If people didn’t like what they got the first time around, they won’t care how  much you market the second book.

So, my challenge to everyone who is reading this, I want you to pick the commercial author you despise the most, borrow a copy of their work, and with an honest eye try to find what makes their piece of work, well, work. 

I think this will be good exercise in identifying are own biases and realizing where we fall short.  Perhaps we put too much emphasis and value on one writing technique and not enough on another.  As writers we should appreciate the work that is out there, even if it doesn’t fit our personal taste, or we feel that it was riddled with grammatcial errors.  The more we expose ourselves outside of our own comfortable bubbles, the better are writing will become.

Besides, anyone can tear a piece of work apart, it takes another kind of person to figure out why it works, despite all its flaws.

So tell me, are you a victim of writer’s elitism?  If so, why?  Is it personal reasons?  Did the authors book touch on a controversial issue and his/her work didn’t support your side?  Be honest with yourself.

And like always, my pencil has vanished from behind my ear.  Excuse me for a moment while I find it again.

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So I finally read the first book I bought over this last weekend entitled The Summer I Turned Pretty.  So what did I think of this teen filled drama/romance?  Well it reminded me of my senior year of High School, except a little less complex.  She had three boys, while I had four. 

The Summer I Turned Pretty focuses on a fifteen year old girl named Belly who navigates her way through the most confusing love filled summer of her life and the three boys at the center of it all.

Together they embark on an emotional roller-coaster of life and Belly is too distracted to realize everything may not be about her.

As far as Belly goes, I liked her okay.  She wasn’t as whiny as some female characters, but there were parts that really grated on my nerves.  Overall, I decided she was like that girl in school who was okay to hang out with sometimes, but I wouldn’t want to bffs.

Jeremiah is my favorite character and was throughout the entire book.  I loved the strong sense of dependibility underneath his class-clown exterior.  He was charming and is secretly the guy I’m rooting for.

Conrad, I have to admit, is the one I would have probably gone for when I was sixteen.  Boys who played guitar and kept to themselves had a way of drawing me in that makes me cringe.

And Cam.  Cameron is the guy I would love to find now.  Funny, smart, sweet and a nerd right down to his jacket.  There is something to be said for the first guy to ever really tell a girl she is beautiful and he is the guy I hate to not like.

The aspect I loved most about this book, was the unfinished feeling that lingered after it had ended.  It wasn’t that the book didn’t feel complete, it’s just the relationships made their way full circle and then life happened, causing relationships to crumble under the weight and others to begin to bloom, but none of them disappearing or building beyond the most fragile moments before the summer ends and she is swept back to her winter life.

All in all I liked the book and found it to be a relaxing read.  It may not be Shakespeare, but it was fun to be fifteen again, if only for a little while.

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Lazy Monday

My weekend was busy. I had my niece’s third birthday party to attend, was called into work on my day off and spent time with my Sister R and Little Brother M. While I did manage to squeeze in over three thousand words, it was far short of my weekend goal to finish two chapters and now it is Monday all over again.

Monday is the day I dread the most for when it comes, I know my extra free time for writing has come to a close and I will be hard pressed to find time to write five hundred words let alone a thousand. It means I must put my work on hold just that many days longer, which is hard to tell my fingers, since this is about they time the burn with the most passion.

Oh well, even if I must write as slow as a snail as I navigate through another week of work, belly dancing and singing lessons, not to mention working out, the little I get done will be worth it when the weekend finally comes around again and I can sprint toward the finish line once more.

How do you keep the motivation to keep going when your life gets a little to hectic and finding time to write is just as likely as finding a nice place to nap?

Let me know while I sort through the papers on my desk. I know my pencil is here somewhere…

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As I’m currently wrapped up in another project at the moment and do not want to squander this momentum, part II of Pirate Ninjas is on hold until next week or maybe later in the week if I find the time. So until then I’ll be looking for my pencil.

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Okay, so I am really excited because today I have finally purchased some new books to read and study, but shhhh! Don’t tell my boyfriend, lol.

Since it’s a good idea to “know” your market, I went out and checked out some of the paranormal/fantasy books out on the shelves today, along with some straight, good old fashioned YA novels.

I was definitely surprised to see how many vampire novels there were, I mean I knew the market was flooded, but I had no idea just how flooded, but I’m not really worried about it because all of the books I saw didn’t have anything like my premise, and my main character isn’t a vampire anyway. He’s an Angel.

So I looked at some of the Angel stories and finally picked one to read. Fallen. Thankfully none of the Angel stories out there really match, or look like my stories, so I’m happy about that and I’m genuinely excited to read Fallen. I’ve heard great reviews about this book and can’t wait to buckle down and take some notes.

I also bought The Summer I Turned Pretty, which is funny since I had enter a contest to win it and the contest isn’t even over, but I just couldn’t wait to find out, lol.

Anyway I can’t wait to devour my new reads and when I’m through with them I’ll let you all know what I thought about each. So until then, please don’t spoil anything for me yet ;p

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