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Since it’s Thursday I would normally blog about the blog of the week, but seeing as I haven’t been very active reading any lately,  I know terrible me, I thought it would be a nice change of pace to watch something fun. Sometimes we writers take writing a bit too seriously and forget to enjoy ourselves.

The beautiful young lady in the front wearing yellow is my little sister and I’m the one in the back line wearing black and red making all the mistakes, lol. 🙂


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It’s Wednesday which means it’s time for another Road Trip Wednesday hosted by the girls over at YA Highway. This weeks topic is:

Compare your first kiss with your favorite characters first kiss?

Okay, so since my fave character is Eeyore (which, btw, if you have any extra Eeyore related paraphernalia feel free to send it my way 😉  ) I’m just going to compare my first kiss with Ron and Hermoine. Ron and Hermoine’s first kiss had everything I imagined would be mine. It was filled with genuine feelings that had been built up through the years (each book) and was very sweet. Pretty much it was what I had imagined a first kiss should be.

Now, let’s rewind to my first kiss. I was a shy fourteen-year-old freshman who had been dating her first boyfriend for about a month.  I had never kissed anyone before and I was terrified at the idea, especially since I had built up what a first kiss should be over the years. Now, my then boyfriend really did try. And, if I wasn’t well me, it probably would have been the perfect first kiss, but unfortunately I am me.

The mood was set perfectly, it was Homecoming, my dress was beautiful and we had fun dancing in the gym. Toward the middle of the evening, we went for a walk outside so we could be alone. We found a bench and looked at the stars together and then…then he kissed me and I said “Ewww.” Not exactly the warm bubbly feeling I had when Ron and Hermoine smooched. My boyfriend was obviously hurt, but for some strange reason didn’t break up with me. To this day I think I’m the only girl who has ever said “Ewww” during her first kiss.

What was your first kiss like? let me know in the comments below and I’ll be back with news on my 100 followers contest, which I haven’t forgotten about, once I find my pencil. It’s been a little MIA on me since I’ve been searching for a new job. Good news though I think I’ve found one. 🙂 Hope you all have a great day and get your pencil’s moving.

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