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It’s another Road Trip Wednesday hosted by the ladies over at YA Highway. Todays’ question is:

If you could live within the universe of one book, which would you choose?

Can someone say Harry Potter?  I know, me and millions of other people.  But I chose to be honest, and I’ve wanted to join this universe since I was twelve and not just for the magic, but for the characters and the world.  How cool would it have been to hang out with the Weasley twins, or to fly a broom stick? I’m afraid of heights so the broom stick flying probably wouldn’t have gone over so well for me, but still F*ckin awesome. See it was so awesome an expletive was the only way to explain the awesomeness.  That’s how you know it’s awesome.  And I already know Professor Lupin so would have been my teacher crush. (Yes I had those.  One on my English teacher and the other on my math. Did I mention I was a nerd in high school?)

Anyway, that is the world I would choose.  Now if we were including manga, which is just as awesome, my answer may be different.  I just may have to step into Naruto’s world.  I mean I do like to kick some A** every now and again. That’s why my b/f is a MMA fighter, so he can handle my resengan when I throw down.  Yeah that’s right, I can form swirling balls of massive energy just with my hands. Are you scared now?

And now that I’ve exposed entirely too much of myself, I’m going to go find my pencil, while you tell me which universe you’d choose in the comments below.


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Road Trip Wednesday is a blog chain hosted by the girls over at YA Highway.  Today’s topic is:

Give a blurb for your favorite book or one of your own!

Well, since I’ve been working on trying to blurb my WIP, I guess I’ll post what I’ve got for everyone to see.  So far the tentative title for my WIP is THE LOST SOUL…but that may change.  So without further ado, here is my blurb.


Forced into exile, Azreal The Angel of Death, must decide between saving the first soul he ever lost or redemption for his crimes. Only one being stands in the way of his goal. A heartbroken vampire too stubborn to let go of her humanity and the only one who understands what it’s like to take a human life. Torn between what he wants and what is right, Azreal must make a decision or risk losing it all.


It sounds cheesy I know, but it’s better than what I had before.  🙂


Now it’s your turn to leave me a blurb of your fave book or your own WIP in the comments.  I shared with you, it’s only right you share with me.

I guess I’m off to find my pencil…maybe one day it will stay put for a change.

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So with the new year gone, and all the excitement of the holidays over, I’ve had a lot of down time.  I’ve picked up old hobbies that were left behind in the manic months of November and December and let other once loved past times slip away.  I’ve also noticed a new role or two 🙂 While I will miss some of the old hobbies I enjoyed last year, some of them had to go simply because of time.  I don’t have enough time to blog, write, work full-time, dance and try to illustrate a children’s book while maintaining family ties without letting a few things go along the way.  Last year, the thing I sacrificed was exercise.  Something I enjoy immensely, but let fall to the way side.  So in order to reclaim that love I’ve lost, I’ll have to sacrifice something else in return, like time with my boyfriend or I’ll have to cut back on my blogging.  Regardless, something has to change.

Change.  It’s something we all hear about when writing our character’s but what does it mean? And how does it come about?  Honestly, true change doesn’t occur without some sacrifice.  Even if the only thing your character gains in return is wisdom, he/she still has to give something up.  According to William Blake and his great works of poetry, in order to gain experience one has to give up innocence.  A person cannot have both.

And this is why there can be satisfaction at the end of a story where is seems nothing has changed.  Your character can still hold onto the same beliefs and ideals they had in the beginning, but the experiences the main character has must show how those ideals and beliefs are tested and strengthened through experience. That’s the trick. In the end all characters lose some of their innocence.  If your character’s views and beliefs haven’t been challenged, if the experiences do not leave him a little a wiser or changed in some way, why are you writing? Even in fantasy Character Change is the one thing that stays consistent.  At the end of A Christmas Carole, Scrooge could have remained a grumpy, bitter old man, but through experience he would have more reason to remain so. If this had happened, the message of the author would be changed. It maybe a warning that too much experience can wipe out hope. Or people need to hold onto their innocence in a world where experience provides wisdom, but robs all hope.  Either way, change still remains.

So tell me, what does your character have to sacrifice in the name of change?

My MC must give up his status, his home and the love of his life, in order to save everything.

Oh and don’t forget to check out my other blog over at Elisa J’s Place.

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Okay, so while my computer and the internet went MIA on me for awhile, I wasn’t sitting around doing nothing.  Believe it or not, I actually found something to do and while it wasn’t writing, it’s something that is just important when it comes to children’s stories.  Wanna know what it is?  I know you do.  I know you’re dying from the anticipation.  I don’t maybe I should let you wait a little longer.  What? No?  Alright fine.  I decided sometime ago now that I’d try to self-publish my children’s book.  So while I was waiting for my computer to come back to me, I worked on trying to make some illustrations.  Here’s a sneak peek at some of the stuff I’ve done. Oh, and just to make this more interesting, you should know I can’t draw and have very little experience in art at all.  If only Mr. Talley could see me now. 🙂


So now you’ve seen what I’ve been doing, I know it’s not real professional, but I have it on good authority(my three year old niece) that it’s perfect.  She loves it and actually made pictures with me today.  Maybe I’ll show you her’s on another day.  Oh and one more thing before I go, I started another blog, but this blog is different.  It’s a place for all my other thoughts and such.  So this blog will continue to be my author/writing blog and the other one is all the other stuff/stuff.  Yeah. So if you get a chance go show me some love at Elisa J’s Place.

So I’m off to find my pencil until Monday….when I start my weekly blogs all over again. 🙂

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Sorry I’ve been missing in action, but in early December I lost my internet for two weeks and when I finally got a new router my computer went down. So I’m still waiting on my computer to be fixed, but I wanted to let you know I didn’t quite blogging completely. When my computer is fixed I’ll be back to my regular schedule.

And a special apology to Kristen Lamb, I was to send interview questions to her, but my router quit on me before I could get them to her. So I’m sorry and when I get everything fixed maybe we could try again.

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